Where to Safely Download Free eBooks

There is a resurgence in physical books as more and more people are supporting independent bookstores. Even so, there’s still great interest in ebooks for their convenience and features. But is it possible to get free eBooks without having to pirate them and worry about malware?

Avoiding Piracy and Shady Deals


Many digital versions of physical books are far cheaper since they do not use paper, ink, and any other traditional material. If you really want to get them for free, you should never consider going through torrenting sites. There is no guarantee you’ll get the actual book if you try piracy.

Worse, you might face legal troubles if ever authorities track you down for pirating ebooks. You could get a free VPN for Kindle Fire or the Barnes and Nobles Nook to hide your IP address, but this won’t protect you from any possible malware in the file.

Moreover, you must not distribute copies without authorization — even for personal reasons. Asking permission from the publisher and the author is essential if you don’t want to be accused of piracy. On a similar note, do not fall for shady websites disguised as legitimate ebook distributors.

Approach customer support if you’re unsure whether an online retailer is trustworthy or not. Usually, these questionable sites advertise free downloads. In reality, they force users to download malware or answer a ton of surveys.

Using the Public Domain

There are many great reads that are available at no cost because they are in the public domain. If you go to Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive, you can download classic works including Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

In fact, Project Gutenberg should be the first website you visit if you reside in the US. Those in other countries might still download the free ebooks, but any legal issues are uncertain. Here, there are more than 58,000 free ebooks available as an EPUB or Kindle file.

There’s no need to create an account in Project Gutenberg. Simply search for the title and download the ebook. Likewise, the Internet Archive not only offers free books but also entire movies and audio files.

Navigating Sites for Free eBooks

Tech companies such as Kobo and Amazon offer their own devices for reading ebooks, but they also provide a great deal of free content. Some ebooks are permanently free while others are sold for zero dollars as a form of promotion. Even works by James Joyce and Kakuzo Okakura are offered at no cost.

All in all, there are simple and legal ways to get free ebooks. Go through the list of books in the public domain and explore official websites. You’ll surely find a good read in no time.